LG Lucid

LG Lucid

The Lucid by LG

The steps and files below were created by others. I put them together here in a way that is simple and concise. I also am hosting the files here myself, so you don't have to go searching the interwebs for them.

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I am absolutely not responsible for any nuclear war you cause by following these instructions. Or anything you do to your device.

Now for the good stuff!

These steps root the phone

Make sure you have a FULL BATTERY before attempting anything. Your phone cannot charge when in a state that it does not boot.
  1. First, install the LG drivers for Windows on your system
  2. Unzip the lg lucid root files and place the new folder on your desktop
  3. On the phone, go to Settings ---> Applications ---> Development and make sure there is a checkbox in the "USB Debugging" box
  4. Open up the extracted folder and root your phone by running "run.bat"
  5. WIN!

Here are all of the files to download: